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Searching for the perfect site can be an arduous process. Greater Osceola economic development staff is here to help in your search. No matter where you are in the process of starting, locating or expanding your business, the Greater Osceola offers free, confidential services to assist in your site selection, including narrowing site options, site visits, incentive research, market research and workforce development.
To assist your search further, Greater Osceola would like to work with you to understand your specific requirements and present a customized site presentation. Contact us.

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Searching for the perfect building or site for your corporate relocation can be a long and hard process. Greater Osceola economic development staff is here to help in your search. Search our database.


Local and Florida tax credits, exemptions and job training incentives spell out why your new business location is in Greater Osceola.

Site Consultant Assistance

Learn how Greater Osceola can support your business by providing complete, confidential retention, expansion and location services.

Fast-Track Permitting

Permit streamlining procedures are available to assist targeted industries in obtaining necessary permits and approvals in a quick, efficient and predictable manner.

Recent Relocations & Expansions

Check out Greater Osceola County’s latest relocations and expansions to find the county’s most recent, successful businesses.

Area Maps

See for yourself where Greater Osceola County businesses and economic assets are located.

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